This is how much – and how quickly – you’ll reap the benefits.

Smoking damages every organ in the body. These are the major advantages of giving up smoking:

  • After 20 minutes:

    Your blood pressure and pulse are back to normal and your circulation has improved.
  • After 8 hours:

    Your cells are being supplied normally again with oxygen and the risk of a heart attack is decreasing.
  • After 24 hours:

    The carbon monoxide from the cigarette smoke has been completely eliminated from your body. Your lungs are starting to break down mucus and smoke residues.
  • After 48 hours:

    Your body is now free of nicotine. Your sense of smell and taste is improving.
  • After 72 hours:

    You find it easier to breathe. Your bronchi relax, you feel more energetic.
  • After 2–12 weeks:

    Your body's general circulation is improving, which will improve your performance during sports and sex.
  • After 3–9 months:

    Breathing difficulties, shortness of breath and gasping for air are becoming much less of a problem. Your lung function is improving.
  • After 5 years:

    Your risk of suffering a heart attack is now only half that of a person who smokes.
  • After 10 years:

    Your risk of developing lung cancer is now only half that of a person who smokes.