• Tobacco is the cause of 25 deaths per day in Switzerland.

    NCDs in Switzerland

    Roughly 2.2 million people in Switzerland suffer from a non-communicable disease.

  • Cancer

    Four out of ten people get cancer during their lifetime. Every year, roughly 9,200 men and 7,500 women in Switzerland succumb to it.

  • In the past 25 years, the incidence of heart attacks and strokes has trebled. In 2014, hospitals treated 18,179 heart attacks and 15,525 strokes.

  • Chronic respiratory diseases

    Between 5.1% and 7.0% of the Swiss population suffer from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Roughly 90% of those affected by COPD are current or former smokers.

  • Diabetes

    In 2012, 4.4% of men, and 2.7% of women over the age of 15 claimed to have sought treatment for diabetes. Increasingly, younger, mostly overweight individuals are affected.