The best smoking prevention films

Discover the creative works that were produced as part of the SmokeFree film contest 2017,
and discover the topic from a whole new angle.

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3´640 votes
  • SmokeFree - Ich bin stärker

    Sean Wirz

  • SmokeFree - Ich bin stärker

    Sean Wirz

    17 %of all
  • stronger

    Rafael Bolliger

  • Bereit für den Kampf

    Noel Schuler

    10 %of all
  • Wie der Vater so der Sohn

    Claudio Frasca

  • Selbstrauch-Terror

    Claudio Lütscher

    8 %of all
  • Rise and Decay

    Michael Zünd & Fabian Siegenthaler

  • Zwiespalt

    G. Juon, F. Rymann, D. Schurtenberger, M. Wiedmann, J. Spörri

  • Im richtigen Leben rauchen Helden nicht

    Lucia Kind, Antonella Nicoli, Michèle Wildisen

  • Wenn ich das schaffe

    Jonas Ballmann

  • Klick Dich Rauchfrei

    Timo Hermes

  • The New Marlboro Man

    Fabienne Studer, Pablo Callisaya, Moritz Hossli, Isai Oswald

  • La strega e Biancaneve

    Antonio Universi

  • Träume

    Gabriel Rosenthal

  • Relation toxique

    Gaspard Vignon & Chloé Sedlatchek

  • Smokey

    Karim Fawaz

  • Ausgebrannt

    Rafael Gschwend

  • Wie Zigaretten leben, würden wir sie nicht rauchen

    Marion Täschler & Vera Kluser

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More on the SmokeFree film contest

The contest aims to support young filmmakers and artists and
to bring their fresh new smoking prevention ideas to a wider audience.
Watch the films now and discover the topic from a variety of perspectives.

The Golden Stub It Out Prize 

The Jury Prize was awarded by an expert panel consisting of six renowned professionals in the areas of film, advertising and health.

CHF 10,000

Audience Prize

The winner of the Audience Prize was determined by 4 June 2017 in a public vote on this website. Voucher for filming equipment worth

CHF 2,500

The jury

  • Rachel Stauffer Babel

    Sucht Schweiz Foundation

    Engaged nationwide as expert in prevention and health promotion.

  • Adrian Kammer

    Head of BAG campaigns

    Brings health issues into the public spotlight.

  • Marina Carobbio

    National Councillor and Doctor

    Professionally and politically dedicated to public health.

  • Carlos Leal


    Achieved an international breakthrough in the film business.

  • Xavier Koller


    Won an Oscar with the drama “Journey of Hope”.

  • Frank Bodin

    CEO Havas

    Winner of multiple awards, such as “Advertiser of the Year” 2009.