Project partners:

Quit Smoking Helpline
0848 000 181

The national Quit Smoking Helpline gives you information and comprehensive advice while focussing on your personal needs. The counsellors are specially trained and familiar with the most reliable techniques to help you stop smoking.

If you’re planning to quit, we will help you to find a method, inform you about medications and provide tips on how to change your smoking behaviour. If you like, we can make follow-up calls to help you.

We can also help you if you fall back into the habit. A call to the Quit Smoking Helpline costs 8 centimes per minute from a landline, more from a mobile phone. A call-back from the hotline is free of charge. This link takes you to a registration form where you can ask a counsellor to call you back.

Call 0848 000 181 for counselling in English, German, French or Italian. There are separate numbers for counselling in Albanian, Portuguese, Spanish, Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian and Turkish.

Non-smoking with For 15 years, has supported teenagers to quit smoking and motivated them to stay smoke-free. On the website, young readers learn about the benefits of being a non-smoker, find proven methods to quit smoking and where they can get support.

Teachers can work through the content of with ready-made class material. With the SPRINT survey tool, they can find out how many students (e.g. in their own school) need support to quit smoking.

Find out more on the following websites (in German only):

‘Stop-tabac’ is a personal aid and counselling programme provided free of charge for people who want to stop smoking. Developed by experts at the University of Geneva, it is available in various forms: websites, iPhone apps, brochures, etc. It provides simple and effective recommendations, tips on how to overcome the urge to smoke, and vital support with its discussion forums and testimonials. This programme will increase your chances of giving up smoking for good.

Smoke-Free Enterprise

The Lung Association’s project “Smoke-Free Enterprise” supports employees of organisations throughout Switzerland who would like to stop smoking. This project is worthwhile for companies for several reasons. Employees who don’t smoke lead healthier lives, and therefore have less days off work due to sickness.

Our long-standing experience shows that our tried and tested professional courses, conducted at the organisation’s premises, are successful over the long term.

The Lung Association’s smoking cessation program includes advising the company on the process, the information event “Lungs and Health”, as well as training sessions on quitting smoking that are conducted over several days.