The tobacco prevention campaign “SmokeFree. I am stronger.” came to an end in December 2018. The campaign website and the SmokeFree Buddy App will remain active until further notice.

The campaign was launched by the federal government, cantons and NGOs in 2015. The primary aim was to support smokers as they made the transition to a smoke-free life, but at the same time sought to promote non-smoking as the norm in society. The campaign was flanked by a number of sub-projects and partner projects, appearing over the course of three years in the form of TV commercials, posters and print and online ads.

In 2018, the campaign was continued in a much-reduced form, now aligning itself with the new strategies Addiction and Prevention of Non-communicable Diseases (NCD Strategy). With posters, social media and specific measures for the migrant population, the campaign continued to raise awareness of the dangers of tobacco smoking, provide information on smoke-free support services and motivate people to take up these offers of help.

Further information:

Quit Smoking Helpline 0848 000 1818 centimes/min.
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