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Start the SmokeFree Challenge with a friend!

Do you want to quit smoking or help a friend to quit? The SmokeFree Buddy App provides the latest scientific insights to assist you as a supporter (“buddy”) or as a successful ex-smoker.

App available at: IPhone
Instructional video The SmokeFree Buddy App in brief.

This is how the SmokeFree Buddy App works.

  • Buddy Support

    People who want to quit benefit from the support of a friend – their personal “buddy”.

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  • SOS!

    A click on the “SOS!” button sends an emergency notification to the buddy.

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  • Bonus

    The buddy can motivate his partner even more with a bonus.

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  • Performance statistics

    The app’s main view lists the ex-smoker’s achievements to date.

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  • Chat

    ‘Chat’ is the app’s communication channel for all messages between the two partners.

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  • The knowledge base

    Rapid retrieval of information on smoking and quitting.

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Further information on the SmokeFree Buddy App

The SmokeFree Buddy App provides innovative and interactive support for people who want to give up smoking. The app was developed by experts in smoking cessation and is based on scientific principles.

The SmokeFree Buddy App helps users to give up smoking with the support of a person of their own choosing. The designated “buddy” will be guided by the app on how best to motivate the smoker during their SmokeFree Challenge. There is also an option for two smokers to help each other to quit with the aid of the SmokeFree Buddy App; in this case, each of them also has a role as a supporting buddy.

The duration of the SmokeFree Challenge can be set to 10, 20 or 30 days. The would-be non-smoker can set the starting date for the challenge at any time within the next 7 days.

The app is easy to use. A dashboard guides participants step-by-step through the support process. The various options (chat, notifications, bonuses, statistics, knowledge base on quitting, etc.) facilitate successful progress.

The buddy receives tips on the best ways to support the would-be non-smoker and motivate them to persist. At the same time, the person who has given up smoking can express how they feel with an emoticon at any time and ask the buddy for help.

The contents and suggestions for support in this app are based on scientific principles. The app is part of the national SmokeFree campaign.
Published by: Federal Office of Public Health FOPH
Campaigns Division
3003 Bern

Idea: Federal Office of Public Health FOPH
Partner campaign “SmokeFree”
A campaign by the FOPH, the cantons and NGOs

Content and concept: Institut de Santé Globale (ISG)
University of Geneva

Funding: The “SmokeFree Buddy App” is part of the SmokeFree campaign, which is funded by the Tobacco Control Fund.

Technical development: OCTO Technology, Lausanne

Design: Havas Worldwide Zürich

© 2015 Federal Office of Public Health FOPH

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